Radio Broadcast

This Thursday at 7pm central time I will be guesting on the Bob Tuskin Show to discuss amateur radio. This will be a regular monthly spot. This show will be to introduce the public to the hobby and it’s many benefits. We will be taking calls. All you hams out there feel free to call in and share your amateur radio experiences.


One thought on “Radio Broadcast

  1. David,
    Amateur radio is a misnomer. These guys with the desktop set and the moon raker out in the yard are really pros in hiding.

    But, even the best radio network won’t really work well unless there’s other people listening. I don’t have the bucks to set up a station, but, I could afford a receiver, and I have a computer to record the calls as MP3 files to play back for others or distribute by either the internet, or the sneaker net if need be.

    Just will need a little guidance getting up to speed to be effective.

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