Amateur Bands

Amateur Bands

LF (Low Frequency)

1750 Meter 160KHz-190KHz (Experimental)
No license is required for this experimental band. Transmissions are limited to 1 Watt and the length of the feed line and antenna cannot exceed 15 meters.

MF (Medium Frequency)

555-175 Meter 540KHz-1710KHz (AM Broadcast Band)

160 Meter 1800KHz-2000KHz
General Class and above. Phone, Image, CW, RTTY, and Data

HF (High Frequency)
80-75 Meter 3500KHz-4000KHz

Extra Class 3500-3600KHz CW, RTTY, Data 3600-4000KHz Phone, Image
Advanced Class 3525-3600KHz CW, RTTY, and Data 3700-4000KHz Phone, Image
General Class 3525-3600KHz CW, RTTY, Data 3800-4000KHz Phone, Image
Novice/Technician 3525-3600KHz CW Only

60 Meter (5 Channels Centered on 5332KHz, 5348KHz, 5358.5KHz, 5373KHz, and 5405KHz)
General Class and above can operate on these five channels on a secondary basis limited to 100W PEP. Allowed modes are USB Phone, CW, RTTY, and Data. CW must be centered 1.5KHz above the center frequency of the channel.

For USB tune 5330.5KHz, 5346.5KHz, 5357KHz, 5371.5KHz, and 5403.5KHz respectively.

There is no contesting on 60 meters.

40 Meter 7000KHz-7300KHz

Extra Class 7000-7125KHz CW, RTTY, Data 7125-7300KHz Phone, Image
Advanced Class 7025-7125KHz CW, RTTY, and Data 7125-7300KHz Phone, Image
General Class 7025-7125KHz CW, RTTY, Data 7175-7300KHz Phone, Image
Novice/Technician 7025-7125KHz CW Only

30 Meter 10.1MHz-10.15MHz
General Class and above can use CW, RTTY, and Data limited to 200W PEP.

There is no contesting on 30 Meter

20 Meter 14MHz-14.35MHz

Extra Class 14-14.15MHz CW, RTTY, Data 14.15-14.35MHz Phone, Image
Advanced Class 14.025-14.15MHz CW, RTTY, and Data 14.175-14.35MHz Phone, Image
General Class 14.025-14.15MHz CW, RTTY, Data 14.225-14.35MHz Phone, Image

17 Meter 18.068MHz-18.168MHz
General Class and above can operate 18.068-18.11MHz using CW, RTTY, and Data. Phone and Image are permitted between 18.11-18.168MHz

There is no contesting on 17 Meter

15 Meter 21MHz-21.45MHz

Extra Class 21-21.2MHz CW, RTTY, Data 21.2-21.45MHz Phone, Image
Advanced Class 21.025-21.2MHz CW, RTTY, and Data 21.225-21.45MHz Phone, Image
General Class 21.025-21.2MHz CW, RTTY, Data 21.275-21.45MHz Phone, Image
Novice/Technician 21.025-21.2MHz CW Only

12 Meter 24.89MHz-24.99MHz
General Class and above can operate 24.89-24.93MHz using CW, RTTY, and Data. Phone and Image are permitted between 24.93-24.99MHz

There is no contesting on 12 Meter

10 Meter 28MHz-29.7MHz
All classes can use CW, RTTY, and Data between 28-28.3MHz.
General Class and above can operate Phone and Image between 28.3-29.7MHz.
Novice and Technician Class can operate SSB between 28.3-28.5MHz.

VHF (Very High Frequency)
6 Meter 50MHz-54MHz
3 Meter 87.5MHz-107.9MHz (FM Broadcast Band)
2 Meter 144MHz-148MHz
1.25 Meter 222MHz-225MHz

UHF (Ultra High Frequency)
70 Centimeter 420MHz-450MHz
33 Centimeter 902MHz-928MHz
23 Centimeter 1240MHz-1300MHz

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