Field Day

Field Day

Field Day is held every year the last full weekend in June. Clubs and amateurs from around the country set stations up in the “field” to exhibit the hobby to the public. The Spa Amateur Radio Association (WB5SPA) here in Hot Springs has set up on the front lawn of the city air port in previous years. The communications trailer is borrowed from the county and serves as the hub of operations. This year (June 22-23, 2013) they will set up outside the Garland County Department of Emergency Management office.

Here are some pictures from Field Day 2010
(Click on small images for full size)

Field Day 2011
It was another ridiculously hot June day. The setup went smoothly and we had just gotten to where we were tuning the radios up and made one packet content when the generator kicked off. We could get it restarted but it wouldn’t run for more than a couple of minutes. It was acting like it was overheating. We found out later it was a temperature sensor and the generator wasn’t actually over heating. For a few hours we tried to get a backup generator running and we were successful but the backup generator wasn’t quite enough to run the air conditioning. The trailer quickly turned into an oven. We ended up calling it quits due to the heat and tore everything down. I went fishing all night instead. Below are the pictures I took during the setup phase.

Field Day 2012
After the disappointing aborted field day of 2011 and another hot day the enthusiasm started out low. As a result I didn’t take very many pictures. Not much changes from year to year so you can get a pretty good idea by looking at past years. As badly as it went the year before it was the opposite. We had a very good turn out. Many people stopped by to check out the operations. The bands were in fairly good shape and got quite good as the night progressed. The station stayed in operation until daybreak on Sunday. The few pictures from that day are below.

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Zombie Special


After much planning and careful implementation the “Zombie Special” antenna is finally on the air.   Basically this is a caged fan dipole.   I have gotten fantastic signal reports on 75 meters in excess of the standard fan dipole that this antenna replaced.  It also seems to hear extremely well also.  I have already heard stations that I’ve never been able to copy before the highlight of which was a QRP station in Oklahoma running 5 watts. 

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