Arkansas Repeaters

Hot Springs Area Repeaters

224.160- PL 114.8 W5YTR
Local coverage in Hot Springs

147.180+ PL 114.8 WB5SPA
Located on top of the Hospital (name changes often) in Hot Springs

146.880- PL 114.8 W5LVB
(Diamond Lakes Area SkyWarn – Linked to 146.715-)
Located on West Mountain

444.600+ PL 114.8 W5LVB
Located on West Mountain

Mt. Ida

146.715- PL 127.3 KA5WPC
(Diamond Lakes SkyWarn – Linked to 146.880-)
Located on High Peak

444.475+ PL 114.8 KA5WPC
Located on High Peak

52.910/51.210 PL 100.0
Located on High Peak

Hot Springs Village

147.015+ PL 114.8 W5HSV
444.725+ PL 114.8 W5HSV

Little Rock
146.940- W5DI (Little Rock SkyWarn)

Star City
146.670- PL 114.8 W5DI

146.835- PL 114.8 K5JSC

147.270+ PL 114.8 W5DI

145.150- PL 114.8 W5RHS
147.360+ PL 136.5 W5BXJ

145.470- PL 114.8 KB5EJJ (UNCOORDINATED)

146.640- PL 131.8 KC5WEX
146.805- PL 114.8 N5SWI
147.120+ PL 131.8 W5RHS

Fort Smith
145.470- PL 141.3 KD5CCG

Recent Posts

Zombie Special


After much planning and careful implementation the “Zombie Special” antenna is finally on the air.   Basically this is a caged fan dipole.   I have gotten fantastic signal reports on 75 meters in excess of the standard fan dipole that this antenna replaced.  It also seems to hear extremely well also.  I have already heard stations that I’ve never been able to copy before the highlight of which was a QRP station in Oklahoma running 5 watts. 

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