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For those out there that feel it necessary to spam my comments here you are wasting your time. This is the reason that comments are moderated. I won’t censor any legitimate comments as long as they are related to what is being commented on. I don’t put any advertising of any kind on this site and if you think you can spam your advertising here you’ve got another thing coming. If you start turning bots loose I have countermeasures in the ready. I would rather not have to go there to inconvenience legitimate users. I’m the only one that sees that spam and even if it was something I’d otherwise be interested in, they will be selling snow cones on the river styx before I ever dignify your spam with even a glance. So quit wasting your time and mine.

As a result of the constant stream of unrelated SPAM attempting to infiltrate the comments it is now necessary to register and log in to post comments. It’s free and easy to sign up. The scum that feels it necessary to cram advertising down everyone’s throats are ruining it for everyone. I would prefer to keep comments wide open, but I don’t have time to police spam.

Thanks and 73

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