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Author Topic: Wouxun KG-UVD1P
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Post Wouxun KG-UVD1P
on: December 2, 2012, 02:01

If you have the inexpensive dual band ht model kg-uvd1p by Wouxun there are a few useful tips that aren't well documented in the manual (or not at all).

Quick HIGH/LOW power toggle:
While Transmitting press the green TDR button. This will toggle between HIGH and LOW power. The power setting is set in each memory. This toggle will not change the memory. Going back to the memory later will restore the default power setting for that memory.

In repeater mode if you want to switch to and monitor the input press the "scan*" button. This will toggle between input and output. To unsquelch the radio press and hold the bottom button on the left side of the radio (under the ptt) for more than 1 second, the radio will unsquelch and remain so only while this button is held.

"Dealer" mode:
Once a memory is programmed going to the menu to change settings such as CTCSS does not update the memory. Normally the memory would have to be reprogrammed to make changes. This can be worked around by putting the radio into dealer mode. In this mode changes to any memory will immediately become active and the memory updated. This is useful for making quick changes in the field. To enter dealer mode, turn off the radio. Press and hold the 8 key while turning the radio on. Keep holding it until you see ------ come up on the display. Then enter the code 268160. Dealer mode will remain active until the radio is power cycled. The display mode (Item 21 in the menu) will revert to "CH" for the active band by entering this mode. If this is not the desired display method you will need to go into the menu, item 21, CH-MDF, and change it back to the desired setting. I'm not sure why the dealer mode does this, but it's a small price to pay for the enhanced ability of modifying memories.

The radio can be more easily programmed from the computer if you have the USB programming cable. A free software package called KG-UV Commander is the best software out there for managing this radio. It can be downloaded here:

I hope this information helps you make the most of this radio.


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