Awful Awful Ugly Net #2 Anniversary Certificates

Click on your call sign to get a PDF of your certificate. Print landscape and trim off the extra paper for a perfect 10×8 fit. (should be default settings) You should be able to print right from the PDF viewer in your web browser without any issues. If you have problems printing or need a paper certificate mailed to you contact us at the email address on the banner. If you don’t have a printer send a full sized (8.5×11) Self Addressed stamped envelope to Wayne (KB5AAU). It is important to use a full size envelope if you don’t want the certificate folded.

Callsign Name Cert #
KB5AAU Wayne 1
KF4FUS Tommy 2
W5ADT Eldo 3
KB5IWF Doris 4
NR7I Jim 5
VA3CRL Chris 6
N3TTC Al 7
KB0VNJ Arny 8
N3RNS Bob 10
KE5NYS Joe 11
VA6GAR Gary 12
KF4DNH Randy 13
KC9FWW Wayne 14
KD0ARN Napoleon 15
K9CSH Cheryl 16
VE9BUD Louis 17
KD8GDW Linda 18
K7PAU/VE3NU Paul 19
N6NZE Joe 20
KD8BMI Allen 21

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